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Quantum Distance

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    Is continuous?..whilst in GR it is discrete, and Time in GR is continuous..yet as one explores Quantum regions it becomes discrete, how come?

    Just how 'BIG' is Quantum Time?..why is it if one chooses a moment after the Big-Bang, say 1 million years, then one can catagorically state that the Universe's Time was bounded, it has a limit of 1 million years, and therefore is NOT continuous?..yet according to GR if one was actually there, observing at 1 Million years after the big bang..Time would STILL be Continuous?

    Are both Theory's really Time Dependant?.. is there a Fundamental Paramiter that encompasses both theories, a Fundamental Time Paramiter?..if one looks at the 1 million years after the big bang moment, in the perspective of Quantum Mechanics, is there a scale paramiter that corresponds this to a current GR perspective?..what I am asking is there a 'guage-time' that fits both QM + GR.
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    mmmm, I think you need to look at the Loop Quantum Gravity forum. Check out the introduction to LQG that I wrote. In LQG one tries to implement to priciples of QFT into GTR. This leads to the quantisation of the space-time-continuum yielding the socalled granular structures that make up our entire spacetime...these things are described by Wilson-loops and more generally by spin networks...


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    Thanks marlon, I have just glanced at your intro to LQG, very good indeed, if I may say that there are Less Questions within the thread?..this may give a false sense of security, by default therefore, there are Less Answers arising? just a notion, not a criticism.
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