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Quantum electrodynamics

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    Consider classical electron theory. Distinguish between the mechanical, electromagnetic, and observed electron mass. What is the degree of divergence of the classical electron self-energy?
    What are the roles of mass-renormalization, runaway solutions, and preacceleration in classical electron theory?
    What is the degree of divergence of the electron self-energy in quantum electrodynamics?
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    Jano L.

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    I think that in classical theory, the divergence occurs only if you postulate that Poynting expressions are valid for point-like particle. But that is not justified.

    If you assume it is point-like, there is no good reason to suppose its mass has anything to do with electromagnetic energy.
    I do not know much of the quantum theory, but it is discussed by Weisskopf in the paper


    and also in Schwebers book Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Theory.

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