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Quantum electrodynamics

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    What is a good textbook that gives a basic understanding of quantum electrodynamics?

    My university doesnt have any courses in this subject so Im gonna have to teach to myself.

    What do I need to know and understand before I dig down into quantum electrodynamics? So far I am at my second year of undergrad studies and I have only taken a introductionary course in quantum physics but some pretty extensive courses in electromagnetic fields and newtonian mechanics.

    I have not yet taken any courses in quantum dynamics or quantum mechanics. Would it be pointless to try and understand QED before I have taken those courses??
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    Definitely! How are you going to deciper the Second Quantization notations?

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    hmm well since I dont know what your talking about I guess you are right :rofl:

    Just have to be patient and wait a year:grumpy: :yuck:
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