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Homework Help: Quantum-electron tunneling barrier

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    assuming that the electron has an incident energy of 8eV and that the barrier is of height Vo=13eV and width L=5x10-10m calculate the probability that the electron will be able to tunnel through the barrier.

    Relevant equations= k = (sqrt(2m(V-E)) /h


    (sqrt(2x9.1x10-31(13-8)x1.6x10-19)x2pi all divided by h=(6.63x10-34)

    giving 1.14x1010??

    then using e-2kL = e-2x1.14x1010x5x10-10


    is this right :confused: ??
    and wat would the final answer be after the 11.2x10-6
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    No. You need to compare the transmitted piece of the wavefunction to the incident piece of the wave function. Have you studied "scattering" yet? This is a 1-D scattering problem.
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    erm i think we have yes
    we've done a lot of electron tunnelling but not sure.
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