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B Quantum Energy Sources?

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    While I am sure that knowledge of quantum mechanics is vital for getting fission and fusion reactors to work, I can't help noticing that the actual function of those reactors can be described purely with classical physics.

    Are there any proposals for quantum reactions to unlock energy? Perhaps quantum teleporting a proton through an insulator and making its electron go through a circuit to follow it? Perhaps if you defined a proton's velocity precisely enough it would be unable to be within an atom, thus causing fission.

    I found "Zero-point energy" but it doesn't look like something to replace coal any time soon.
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    Quantum teleportation does NOT teleport an object. It correlates a particular property (state) of the object.

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    Sorry about the edit, I meant to say that those examples were not the important part of what I was asking. It just seems odd that what we know about QED doesn't seem to unlock any sources of energy.
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    So sorry QED does not meet your expectations.
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    What about lasers?

    Anyway, your question doesn't make sense. There are no "classical" or "quantum" energy sources, onlt classical or quantum models of energy sources. And QM enters a lot in the understanding of nuclear reactions.

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