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Quantum Enigma

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    I am reading Quantum Enigma on chapter 9 they do an experiment with 2 box if we open both box at same time we get an interference pastern of marble getting out and hitting the wall.

    If we open only 1 box at a time the marble hit the wall and no interference pastern is found because the act of opening 1 box create the fact of the marble being inside 1 box or in the other box.

    My question is what happen if I put detector inside both box that record where the marble but that recorded information stay in the box, then If I open both box at the same time will I get an interference pastern or not ? 9 I would think no since the detector have observed where the marble was ? Even if nobody as consciously checked the data ? So would not it mean that consciousness as nothing to do with the result only observation matter ? Unless someone say my detector have consciousness ?

    What happen if i destroy my detector data after opening the box ?

    What happen if i destroy my detector data before opening the box ?
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    First of all, there is a specific meaning of 'to destroy'
    It is not enough to erase computer memory, or put it under buldozer, etc. Say, if you stored the result in computer memory, then some places of the memory chips have been slightly heated, and infra-red radiation from them had already hit the wall, saving information there. Even we cant recover that information, it still there. So to erase you must destroy it before it leaked into the environment.
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