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I Quantum Entanglement-Susskind-lecture 4&5

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    In Lecture 5 on quantum entanglement, Susskind calculates the Bell's inequality terms using projection operator (a difficult concept and a tedious derivation). However, I believe the following

    I obtained the result on the Bell's inequality using the probability of spin of an electron prepared with spin in n direction, being up in direction m (Lecture 4): (1+cos(tmn))/2

    A not B on a singlet for the case of A being up and B not being 45 deg is then given by

    for |u d>= 1. (1+/- 1/√2)/2 For the case in lecture 5, it is the - sign
    for |d u> =0. (1- +1/√2)/2

    Gives the same answer with a simpler way.

    The cosine dependence also is much more comprehensive in explaining the explanation in
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