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I Quantum entanglement

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    Are all particles entangled or connected to another?
    Lets say we have 2 particles that are entangled . one falls into a black hole what happens to its partner?
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    Nothing. Why should it?
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    Ok so what happens to one dousnt happen to the other?? In what way are they entangled?
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    How do you go from "all particles" to "2 particles"? Where is the train of thought in between these two?
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    Their quantum spins on any given axis are anti-coorelated. What you measure for spin on an axis will be measured to be opposite on the other "partner" on the same axis as long as they stay entangled. What happens on the other side of an event horizon is out of the range of observation. Nothing happens to it's orphaned partner.
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    Let's try to guess what it means to have two entangled particles.
    It means that one particle have some information about other, and other about first. Rest of universe doesn't have these particular informations.
    Before these informations leak out to rest of universe these particles are entangled. They are somehow acting in universe in special way (talking about quantum effects).
    So what happens when someone checks information on first particle. It seems universe acts as it knows all.

    About black hole, Hawking says that information is not lost when object gets crashed. But i don't know when its get out of black hole or if it is instanteous.
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    2 different questions. .
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    Uh ... why would we want to guess when we KNOW what it means?
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