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Quantum falling magnet

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    I take it that it would be ok that in the classic demonstration of Lenz's law with the falling magnet, to replace the magnet with some quantum particle of non-zero magnetic moment and make the tubing a solenoid in order to generate a current as the particle fell? Obviously the current would be miniscule, given the small moment and particle size; I'm just making sure that I have the general idea right first.

    p.s. Would this be the right sub-forum for this? Or would it belong in the particle or even classical physics section?
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    Yes, Experiments are in progress to detect Magnetic Monopoles using this method. It probably wont be a viable method to detect say the the Spin of a neutron.
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    Are you talking about arrangements using SQUIDs like Cabrera did in '82?
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    Yes, That is the one
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    I'm a little fuzzy as to whether the particles lose any kinetic energy when passing through the SQUID there.
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