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Quantum field rules?

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    New to quantum fields and I am wondering what is the rule which all of the small particles follow. Or know any resources where I can learn.
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    I hope you know your QM and special relativity.
    Besides are you learning this in college? I am gonna assume the answer is yes. This is a hard course and i suggest you follow the lessons very accurately

    Here are some links :

    http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl/vanbaal/FTcourse.html [Broken]

    If you got any questions, please let me know...this is my thing ... :tongue2:

    marlon, the QFT-aficionado
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    If you click on the first link, you gotta have some patience before the document is actually opened...

    just so you would know..

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    Thanks, I downloaded the same pdf document earlier today soon after I posted. I understand relativity pretty good and I need to know more in the quantum area to feel more satisfied. Quantum Mechanics resources would help alot also. Not in college yet and just interested in relativity and quantum mechanics. So I am quite the newbie.
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