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Quantum fields spacetime

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    Matter and energy are created from quantum field, but are time and space too created from quatum fields?
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    No, they're not.
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    I think yes. For instance, energy is the derivative of time and where there is no energy it is not possible to describe time variations. To order events in time it is necessary to have interactions, i.e. exchange of energy.
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    Without sounding like a moron and being a newbie, can I ask why not? Please dumb your answer down for me so I can understand........thank you:smile:
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    time-space and energy-momentum are conjugate variable. Think to the phase of a quantum field: energy-momentum times time-space is a lorentz invariant. If you change the energy of the field you dilate the time intervals. At zero energy (zero mass), i.e. zero frequency of the quanta, the time intervals are dilated to infinity so the time is frozen. If "Matter and energy are created from quantum field" than also time and space are created by quantum fields.
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    What's the square root of a pork chop?

    Sometimes what's posted is so nonsensical one can only point that out. A detailed discussion of exactly why is not possible.
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