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Quantum flavordynamics (QFD)?

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    QED = Quantum electrodynamics.
    QCD = Quantum chromodynamics.

    Is Electroweak Theory = Quantum flavordynamics (QFD)? Why does not anybody use the term "Quantum flavordynamics"?

    What would a quantum gravity theory be called? "A quantum geometrodynamics" (QGD), perhaps?

    Is there a separate theory called Quantum magnetodynamics (QMD)? I have seen that term at least in one scientifical journal.
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    It just never caught on. The analogy between QED and QCD (both unbroken gauge theories with fermions and no scalars) is much clearer than it is between QED and QFD (a broken gauge theory with both fermions and scalars).
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    Hi again!

    According to this http://hypertextbook.com/physics/modern/summary.shtml [Broken] QFD and EWT are separate things:
    "would be called quantum flavordynamics (QFD), but are usually joined with electromagnetism in electroweak theory (EWT)"
    "the weak force was not described by an independent theory of what is sometimes informally called quantum flavordynamics (QFD)."
    "The electroweak theory (EWT) of Glashow, Weinberg, and Salaam extended …

    * quantum electrodynamics, which had been described, to include …
    * quantum flavordynamics, which had not been described. "
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