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Homework Help: Quantum Fluctuation

  1. Jul 2, 2009 #1
    Indeed, the entire universe may have arisen from a quantum fluctuation in a vacuum, through a combination of inflation and a curious property of gravity. This curious property is that the severity of negative energy store. When something falls in a gravitational field there is a release of energy. This energy comes from the gravitational field. The power (energy) gravity between two objects is proportional to the square of a distance between them. Therefore, this force is zero when they are infinitely distant, as divided by an infinite (and infinitely more so by the square) is zero. Under einsteiniano, this amounts to say that the gravitational influence of an object at infinity vanishes because the space-time at infinity has not suffered absolutely no distortion of the mass of the object, ie the energy associated with an object in a gravitational field is zero or free when you are far away from the source of the field. But when an object moves downward and approaches a gravitational field receive energy from the Campoo transforms it into energy of motion. This energy comes from the gravitational field. The field begins with zero energy and energy to the object so that the field must have negative energy in the overall energy of quantum fluctuations would be zero in order to contain enough energy to create all the matter in the universe, from below for inflation expansion outside of a residual, but that the severity had extinguished. What is the distance from the quantization of space and time? 10 ^ 35 m (a distance called the 'Planck distance) and the Planck time of 10 ^ -43 sec in which no singularity (distance zero time zero) and must imagine the whole observable universe as' born' with a diameter of 10 ^-35m, a density of 10 ^ 94 grams per cubic centimeter and an 'age' of 10 ^ -43 sec, in a primeval universe was a sort of superconvecção that the gravity separated from the other forces on the Planck time, 10 ^ -43 sec, and the strong nuclear force at around 10 ^ -35 sec. Together these transitions the phase released a huge amount of energy that caused the universe to expand exponentially if the second by a fraction. But enough esssa fraction of a second for the inflation come into action. Now imagine intelligent entities, including humans, have enough technology to develop phenomena on this scale ... A new universe?!
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    Tis a literary literature imagination problem... maybe someday all posts will generate enough material for an essay :P
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