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Quantum Foam and Data Storage

  1. Nov 24, 2013 #1
    I need help as my 17 year old daughter is beating me.

    A few months ago my wife, daughter and started a competition to see who could get a book published first. My wife has her Master's in education and my daughter is a 4.0 AP high school senior. I have a BSBA from an online degree mill. So I am at an extreme disadvantage.

    My book is fictional and includes the development of a device that can record anything (data, images or video) in quantum foam. Guess where I need help.

    Now I read a ton of books and it amazes me how some technical details are glossed over and then sometimes there is too much information and the reader's eyes glaze over.

    Where I need help is that the average reader will learn a bit about quantum physics and a technical reader won't be able to poke huge holes in the theory. Well... with the exception that we cannot (currently) use QF as a storage medium.

    Any help will be appreciated since college physics departments are not returning my phone calls.
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    While I don't pretend to have a comprehensive knowledge of quantum theory, I do know that a major problem you would have to overcome is that of subatomic forces - Even the Weak Interaction could potentially corrupt the data by the slightest movements. Even though this corruption would leave no scars in the universe due to the small scale of it, assuming that this technology works by a dual-state "open/closed" binary system like modern computers, you would have to find some way for this device to overcome that limitation.

    I'm sorry that I couldn't be any more help.
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