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Quantum foam

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    1) Assuming that one day physicists will be able to extract energy from the Quantum field, would this energy extraction deplete the field in accordance with conservation of energy laws?

    2) If one accepts the notion of the Multiverse, are seperate Universes therein sharing a common Quantum field or does each Universe have its own respective field?

    3) IF (and I make a rampant speculation here) the Quantum field can be depleted and IF there is a Multiverse where substituent Universe's DO share a common Quantum field, I think it is interesting to think about the possibility that a civilization sufficiently advanced to extract energy from the field, could actually deplete it in every Universe.

    4) Forgive my creativity as it may not have scientific merit, but here it goes. If the so-called 'dark energy' which drives our Universe's acceleration could be converted into useable energy for human industry, might humanity's growth and depletion of this 'dark energy' be the cause of our Universe's Big Crunch? This of course would entail that our civilization is going to be large enough and energy hungry enough to deplete such a vast energy source. Yet in lieu of this caveat, if we depleted the 'dark energy', gravitational collapse would follow since there would be no more 'dark energy' to counteract its inwards force.

    I know these questions are abstractions, so please do not pick apart their validity based on current physical models, but judge them solely within their outlined assumptions, unless of course you see something entirely incorrect.

    Curiously awaiting response...
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    If you believe in the conservation of energy laws (as most do) IMO the working assumtion must be that physicists will NOT be able to extract energy from the Quantum field.
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