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Quantum Foam

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    Could Quantum Foam be used as a type of subspace, like the kind used in Star Trek? Mainly for communication...
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    Sure, why not, unless you have a better definition of subspace.
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    I meant in real life, not in a story.
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    I think what friend means is that "quantum foam" just refers to a certain conception of the fabric of space. There are various ways to transmit signals across the fabric of space. For example, a radio does this. So do sound waves. So technically we already use quantum foam as a medium for communication, in real life, all the time.

    Your question was not very specific...
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    Is it possible to use the tiny wormholes in QF to transmit data streams and stuff, like in Scifi? So, you take one of the wormholes and redirect it far away to where you want it to go, and send what you want to send through it? And, would it be possible to expand one of these wormholes to the size of a ship, allowing passage to, far away places?
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    Actually I have that same question. Any answers?
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    QF predicts tiny wormholes?
    I thought this is a speculation of string theory, is it not?
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    not if your michio kaku promoting the latest book
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    FTL communication violates causality in the same manner as FTL travel. They are merely horses of a different color. Relativity, like politics, is local. FTL travel is not forbidden by relativity. The only thing forbidden is returning to your original light cone. You can travel [or communicate] from here to the andromeda galaxy in the blink of an eye [albeit it requires an obscene amount of energy]. And the andromeda galaxy will age a few million years in the process. You can also return here to report your findings - and discover earth has aged ~ six million years since you left.
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    Yes, but expanding a wormhole using your "magical awesomeness" and sending information through isn't FTL in its local space. Everywhere else it is. The problems of opening a stable wormhole to the desired location aside, wouldn't that work?

    And, does quantum foam exist only in this universe, or can it also be in the Bulk?
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