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Quantum Fourier Transform circuit

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    I'm having a very hard time understanding how the QFT can be realised using just the Hadamard and controlled rotation gates. Furthermore, I cannot see why swap gates are used to reverse the order of the qubits. I'm embarrassed that dont have much by way of any attempt to show here since I am so stumped by this but I can set up a scenario. Say we wish to perform the transformation on a 3 qubit system in the superposition state (omitting normalization factors)
    [itex]\sum\limits_{x=0}^7|{x}\rangle= |{000}\rangle+|{001}\rangle+|{010}\rangle+...+|{111\rangle}=|{1}\rangle+|{2}\rangle+...+|{7}\rangle[/itex]
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