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Quantum Gates and Circuits

  1. Dec 15, 2004 #1
    I'm taking a course that requires me to come up with a research project.

    I'm officially in my sophomore year and I'm a Physics Major with a fairly broad exposure to electrical eng. and some advanced math courses.
    That being said...

    I'm very interested in computer simualtion of quantum gates and circuits. I have an idea already how to simulate classical gates: not, and, or and etc. I want to be able to develop it into a teaching tool.

    My resources are a PC, Excel XP, and MathCad Professional.

    My plan of attack is to use Excel to link the truth tables with a gif. and macros to tie everything together. I've seen it done with classical gates. I also have an excellent the text, Quantum Computing and Quantum Information

    Can I realistically model a quantum gate operation using the above resources?

    Thanks. :smile:
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    Your resources also include the very large variety of free compilers and programming environments available on the web. I would suggest writing a simulator in C or Java, using gcc or the j2sdk.

    - Warren
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