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Quantum gravity : an oxymoron?

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    "Quantum gravity": an oxymoron?

    Just stumbled upon this paper while doing some lookarounds on quantum gravity:


    The following words of the author induced quite a ruckus in my book:

    Seeing as his library of papers, spanning 18 papers, all deal in one way or another with the ongoing quantum gravity research, it's a bold claim from a blunt man, or so it seems.
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    So I scanned the paper at your link. He states (a) a lot of predjudices going back to Pauli about the metaphysical nature of time. and (b) recent astrophysical observations that have failed to find the "polymer" effects of quantized spacetime. We have discussed those results on these boards. So, my take, he's a troglodyte rattling his chain. If he's more than that, it'll take more than this paper to convince me.
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