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Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli, to be published by Cambridge UP

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    "Quantum Gravity" by Carlo Rovelli, to be published by Cambridge UP


    "Quantum Gravity"
    Carlo Rovelli, born Verona(?) 1956, one of the co-discoverers
    of the loop approach to Q. Gravity
    a draft version, last updated August 1, 2003, is available
    online at the University of Marseilles---I dont know for how long.
    The book is 320 pages in the PDF draft version.

    Here is a sample exerpt from page 41 (page 59 of the file which includes preface and TOC)

    ----------quote from Rovelli's book-------
    Star B rotates: its ellipsoidal shape is due to centrifugal effects (as for the ellipsoidal shape of the earth). But with respect to what is star A still, and with respect to what does the star B rotate, if nothing else than the two stars exists in the universe?

    Einstein's answer is simple...

    The star rotates with respect to a physical entity: the gravitational field.

    It is the gravitational field, not Newton's inert absolute space, that tells objects if they are accelerating or not, if they are rotating or not...
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