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Quantum gravity distortion

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    i know what it is, and why its searched for...but i have brought myself to a fairly simple answer, and would like to know why it is not a correct one. could quantum gravity not merely state that the reason for the distortion of particles into the qm description (partial-wave) is because of the ripples of gravitation (ie. curved space time). - this seems perfectly reasonable to me... does anyone else see what might be wrong with this ... or is it correct, just not exact enough to be considered fact just yet?
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    what do you mean by distortion of particles into the QM description?

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    i mean the very reason that they are not completely particulate, and that neither is a photon completely wavelike could be because of the shifting of spacetime, therefore making it seem as if these (particles) are indees moving with a partial wave themselves, when rather it is the gravitational waves that affect them in this way
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    aka- without gravitation of any sort... would the waves become less significant?
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    perhaps not... i may see my flaw, if i had a hold of a space station, and some very precese laser fluctuation readers then i could prove myself completely wrong im willing to bet... ohh well
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