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Quantum gravity force violations

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    Apart from C, P and T violation in weak interaction, do the same violations occur for the other three forces, in particular, the quantum gravity force?
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    Both EM and strong force respect C, P and T. I am pretty certain that gravity also respects them: a particle has the same mass as its antiparticle so its gravitational pull is the same (C). I think Einstein's equations are time reversal invariant so (T) holds, hence (P) should also hold by CPT.
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    Why then is the weak force the only force to violate C, P and T symmetry? Isn't that funny?
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    The answer is that experiment demands it..

    So by construction the theory is chiral, eg its a guage theory in the yangmills sense with two representations of SU(2)

    Su(2) (left) * Su(2) (right)
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    And that is because SU(4) the double cover of the Poincare group, just happens to decompose into two copies of SU(2), so the 4-component spinors have their first two components acted on independently of their last two. Left and right helicity.
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