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Quantum Gravity Forum at PF

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    It would be nice if there were a Quantum Gravity Forum at PF

    It's rather a separate business from string
    and in a combined forum with string the buzz
    of interest in other matters is a mite distracting

    Dividing might make it more convenient to both pursuits
    and interested parties

    (btw jeff proposed this several months back and I thought
    it was a constructive suggestion, he said one forum
    named TOE and one forum named QG, or words to that
    effect. No one commented. the suggestion got lost in
    the clutter I suppose.)
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    At the arxiv
    most of the Quantum Gravity papers are in the division
    called "gr-qc"
    which means General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

    here at PF, General Relativity (and any kind of cosmology)
    is in the "Astronomy and Cosmology" forum

    Arxiv gives a clue of how people classify stuff in their heads.
    Almost every paper anyone writes in QG, the author(s) tag it
    which would mean that it goes in the PF Astronomy/Cosmology
    forum, since that is where PF puts GR and any kind of C
    (including presumably QC)

    I know, this is counter-intuitive.
    So let's think about it from another angle.
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    the main action in Quantum Gravity now
    is whether you can astronomically observe certain effects:
    observation of Crab Nebula synchrotron radiation has
    already excluded some variants of QG
    and people are expecting Gammaray bursts to constrain
    the theories-under-construction still further

    To date the most visible theoretical results in QG are probably those having
    to do with black hole and big bang (singularity removal
    among other things)

    If you classify General Relativity as belonging in the
    "Astronomy/Cosmology" group of interests----and PF does---
    then that is where Quantum Gravity belongs too.
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    I am interested in this aspect more then anything and how we might describe it.

    I found it very important to keep these side by side for determining differences, so I was able to see the inferences held up in LQG by Marcus's bias, by links choosen. If it was felt that a distraction arose, then it might have seemed in contrast to opposite views, or views that using theoretcial discriptions versus roads to scientific validations? No one could be faulted here.

    That strings might have gone further should not dissaude its usefulness, as a means to understanding the geometrical defintiveness as a topological move to explain the nature of reality, while being subject to the standards of LQG perspective. This bias has to be removed, and discernation, of differences highlighted, to help us orientate current perspective with LQG and continued attempts at describing the anomalies of energy dissappearing in those colliders?

    It might be helpful for some people to choose the directions in which they might want to based on bias felt in regards to how LQG is percieved, and that would be okay I think , but at the same time, without the current back board held to current persepctive this stand alone would not advance the understanding necessary from both points of views. I again refer here to Solvay as a example of the different perspectives view from high valued perspective as points raised for refutation.

    Jeff does not contribute much from the supersymmetry point of view. What makes you think he would contrbute then?

    SCi physics strings as a link here works quite well. Would such a adventure work through google and attached back here as strings is done?

    The mix mash, contained in physics forum would allowed perspective view to bounce back and forth while the purity of discussion held in regard to sci physics string moderation. Lqg perspective would value from this route taken by the moderators trying to retain strngs perspective , would have been applicable to those in the Lqg camp?

    Peace :smile: maker
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    I am not talking strategies or politics sol. I respect his logic. he said that logically there should be a TOE subforum and a QG subforum. It was an intelligent and mentally-orderful point to make. It does not have anything to do with whether jeff would personally contribute to this or that.
    The suggestion was also worded in a completely dispassionate way, without any spin. Moments like that are to be treasured :smile:
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    Interesting thought. More discussion and controversy? Many of us take one side or the other. Personally, I wouldn't mind hearing from the other side. I am violently opposed to string theory, but, still willing to hear a really good argument. Let's fight! [er, let's not fight, just have fun trading ideas! The truth is probably somewhere in between].
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    I am all for a quantum gravity and GUT forum that does not include strings or LQG.The mentors want to close down theory development so why not use its server space for a new forum.
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    That would make very good sense, since quantum gravity is still in its infancy (making it a developing theory and largely separate from strings) and it would narrow the scope by which crackpots can expurge their fantasies, and hence narrow the crackpots.

    Assuming most people don't come here to learn about basic physics but to learn about emerging ideas in physics, the yet-to-be theory of quantum gravity definitely deserves a forum of its own.
  10. Aug 30, 2004 #9
    I actually have a website with hosting cabilities which comes with great forums (invision forums) I would be willing to make a forum for discussing certain areas of physics while we wait for a particular subject to be created here If there is any interest just let me know
  11. Aug 30, 2004 #10
    I actually already made the forum it is primed and ready for use www.quantumninja.com/QG[/url] or you can use the redirect [PLAIN]www.quantumgravity.tk [Broken] if the site gets ennough attention I will prob buy a domain but I think i am buying a domain for my string theory site so i don't want to get to excited
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  12. Aug 30, 2004 #11
    Also please note: the quantumgravity.tk may take a few days to activitate
  13. Aug 30, 2004 #12


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    that is a nice offer, Tom
    if you have a good space for it and if you want
    an LQG forum specifically,
    or an LQG-and-allied approaches forum, then I can recommend
    someone to ask about mentoring.
    I would suggest that you ask a young grad student
    of John Baez who has an interest in public service/educational
    activities and evidently plenty of energy
    He was one of the authors of the Wikipedia article on LQG.
    His name is Alvarez. He has a website that shows he has
    strong interests in various ways of having fun, not just in
    writing his PhD in LQG with Baez.
    So even tho he probably should not take on a volunteer
    mentoring job he might just be willing to.
    So I would ask.
    You can get his email at UC riverside if you go to Wikipedia LQG
    article and look in the history of the article where they give
    the various contributors names.

    If you really make a QG forum, and you ask Alvarez, and he
    turns you down, I would seriously consider taking pilot's job
    on a temporary basis till someone else was found.

    but if you want to do it you should ask him, since he has
    authority, smarts, and a sense of humor (see his home page)
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    the name is Miguel Alvarez
    I will try to get a link to his homepage
    from the Wikipedia LQG article background page
    then you can see how you like him

    [edit: here's his page at Wiki]

    [edit: the game of Go, fencing, blogger, interests in math education
    here is his homepage at riverside]

    [edit: for email make the obvious changes :smile: ]
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  15. Aug 30, 2004 #14
    ty I am working on emailing him right now
  16. Aug 30, 2004 #15
    I just sent the email-- Keep your fingers crossed-- although I do believe it would be hard to find a better mentor than you for the forum
  17. Aug 30, 2004 #16
    Do you have any preference on forums--- I was thinking invision boards incase you don't know what they look like i created a little forum for now www.quantumgravity.tk[/URL]
    tell me if you think this would work
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