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Quantum Gravity In De Sitter Space

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Since the link came up...

    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/0106/0106109.pdf [Broken]
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    I've done some work with the DeSitter and Reimann tensors that leads me to believe that over astronomical durations, the dimensional conservation of Hillbert space can break down by random quantum fluctuation (basically explicable as microwave gravitational vibrations between dimensional branes which has hitherto only been defined as the rough Uncertainty Principle).

    If you look at the rarefied escape of matter-energy from the event horizon of a black hole (similar in vector, now that I think about it, to the parallax of stars around a lunar eclipsed sun) then you will see that, given certain gravitational distortions on a macro level, micro particle cascades can occur.

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