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Quantum gravity

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    I know there is a theory regarding quantum gravity. Can anyone explains it to me how it works? I did try seaeching online, but all that is shown are the math which I dont even understand.
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    If you check out this forum, you'll see lots and lots of theories concerning quantum gravity -- there is currently no consensus model, nor are we particularly close to one.

    Did you have one particular model in mind?
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    I think you should read some popular books of Lee Smolin, such as "Three Roads to Quantum Gravity" and "The Trouble with Physics".
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    Short words I would explain it like that:Quantum gravity is mixture of quantum mechanics and general relativity:biggrin:
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    Your premise is basically false. There is no theory regarding quantum gravity that has been fully worked out. There are a variety of approaches to coming up with a theory of quantum gravity that works, and some good hunches about how it should work in particular situations, but so far the set of theories of quantum gravity that work is a null set.

    The difficult math comes with the territory. Really understanding quantum mechanics requires introductory graduate school/senior year undergraduate level math for math/physics majors degree of mathematical knowledge to really grasp. General relativity also requires seriously difficult math.

    There are two main approaches to quantum gravity. One is to treat gravity as one more force carried by a hypothetical particle called a graviton. The other is to treat space-time as if it is not perfectly smooth, continuous and flat, and is instead discrete in some sense. Neither, however, can claim the prize of successfully coming up with a mathematically rigorous way to unite General Relativity and the Standard Model of particle physics.
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    do string m theorists ever consider the second approach to QG? and why do lqg try to find gravitons in their own approach?
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