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Quantum Inflation

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    Hello community! I found this paper and I wanted to share it with you and know what are your thoughts about it.
    The author is one of the main proponents of Shape Dynamics.


    Quantum Inflation of Classical Shapes
    Tim Koslowski
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of New Brunswick
    Fredericton, NB, Canada
    April 21, 2014
    I consider a quantum system that possesses key features of quantum shape dynamics and show that the evolution of wave-packets will be come increasingly classical at late times and tend to evolve more and more like
    an expanding classical system. At early times however, semiclassical effects become large and lead to an exponential mismatch of the apparent scale as compared to the expected classical evolution of the scale degree
    of freedom. This quantum inflation of an emergent and effectively classical system, occurs naturally in the quantum shape dynamics description of the system, while it is unclear whether and how it might arise in a
    constrained Hamiltonian quantization.
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