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Quantum Information Theory

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    Anybody have suggestions on any reading material that would be (sorta) accessible to an undergrad? Intro stuff, anything would be great. THANKS!
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    Physics Monkey

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    I like this introductory book https://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Processes-Information-Benjamin-Schumacher/dp/052187534X

    A more advanced but still useful book is https://www.amazon.com/Introduction...=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315918760&sr=1-3

    You should also have a look at Preskill's notes http://www.theory.caltech.edu/people/preskill/ph229/index.html

    Don't be intimidated, some of this stuff can eventually get quite advanced! However, I think that there is much valuable information for the beginner in these resources.

    It's also hard to gauge the right level without further information. If you don't find these helpful, post again, and we can try to find something else.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Influenced by your suggestion now I read this book, and I simply love it. :!!)
    It is in fact a general introduction to quantum mechanics, not only to quantum information. Yet, this book is quite different from other QM textbooks. I recommend it to anybody more interested in foundations of QM than in traditional applications such as atomic, molecular or scattering physics.
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