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Quantum Information

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    Does anyone know anything about quantum information theory?
    I am reading a text about transmitting quantum states, represented by density matrices, through channels. Here the depolarising channel is defined as the map:

    X: -> (1-p)X + pτ Tr[X]

    which with probability (1-p) maps the state onto itself and probability p maps it onto the maximally entangled state τ.
    Now my question is: Why did the writers choose to insert Tr[X] = 1 (X is density matrix). Why is that important to have? From what I see, it could just as well be omitted. Come to think of it, I am not sure about the role that the trace of the density matrix plays in the process of transmitting signals and measuring. Could anyone clarify?
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    Which text are you referring to? Do you meant to write that τ is the maximally mixed state instead of the maximally entangled state?
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