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Quantum Mechanical Transistors

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    I was wondering if anybody had any information on Quantum Mechanical Transistors.
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    The first time that I checked this thread which was a very very very long time ago, i didnt notice that wimms had posted a google search.

    Please can someone give me another link or more information, and not another seach engine with 'Quantum Mechanical Transistors' typed in the search bar.............. :smile:
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    Since ALL transistors are Quantum Mechanical it is not not clear, to me, just what you are looking for.
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    You're talking about quantum dots (or single electron transistors). I'm a graduate student in electrical engineering and this is my field; so, you're in luck.

    Basically, they work as follows. You've got a small quantum well which confines electrons in all three dimensions... they have zero degrees of freedom. The wavefunctions of the electrons take on modes in these quantum wells. By changing the energy level in the well, you can change the occupancy of the states in the well. Changing the energy level in the well simply involves applying a voltage to a gate that is capacitively coupled to this system. If the gate is properly coupled to the system, then the transport properties of the system will be extremely to even the slightest change in voltage on the gate. In fact these systems can be made so as to detect a single electron.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    This is superb :biggrin:

    This is the product which I was originally refering to is:

    I know its a very old news release however I was just wondering if there was any tech info on the quantum mechs of it.

    If u had any diagrams or text that you could point me to I would be very greatfull. :smile:

    Ta, QuantumCowboy :biggrin:
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