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Homework Help: Quantum Mechanics Derivation

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    Hello, I have a quantum mechanics problem. Here is the problem statement. I must derive this formula,

    L+-L- =-(h/2π)^2[d²/dθ²+cotθ d/dθ +cot²θ d²/dθ²+id/dφ]

    from this formula,

    L+-L-=±(h/2π)e^±(iθ)[d/dθ + i cotθ d/dφ]

    I have no idea how to approach this problem. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to begin the proof? Thanks.
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    Something is wrong here: L+-L- can't be equal to both! The first is clearly a second derivative. Is it supposed to be something like (L+-L-)2?
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    Sorry, wrote it wrong. Got the answer though. Thanks.
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