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Quantum Quantum Mechanics For Engineering: Materials Science & Applied Physics

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  1. Apr 30, 2014 #1

    Code (Text):
    Table of Contents

     1. Wave-Particle Duality and Schroedinger Equation.

     2. Introduction to Bound States.

     3. Rotationally Invariant Potentials: Hydrogen Atom and Beyond.

     4. Wave Packets and Uncertainty Relations.

     5. Scattering by Simple Barriers.

     6. WKB Approximations.

     7. Expectation Values and Operators.

     8. Electrons in a Magnetic Field.

     9. Beyond Hermitian Operators.

    10. Harmonic Oscillator: Full Operator Treatment.

    11. Composite Systems.

    12. Variational Principle.

    13. Expansion Principle and Matrix Formulation.

    14. Perturbation Theory, I: "Degenerate" Perturbation Theory.

    15. Perturbation Theory, II: "Non-Degenerate" Perturbation Theory.

    16. Symmetry.

    17. Electrons in Periodic Crystal Potentials.

    18. Rotational Invariance and Angular Momentum.

    19. Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory.

    20. Elements of Field Quantization.

    21. Electron Spin.

    22. Indistinguishable Particles: Fermions and Bosons.

    Appendices: Dirac …d-Function. Poisson-Distributed Events. Spherical Harmonics. Hydrogen Radial Eigenfunctions. Fourier Integral. Construction of Two Group Character Tables. Selected General References. Fundamental Constants.
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