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B Quantum Mechanics Interview

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    Hello everyone! I am working on a quantum mechanics research paper and I need to interview one person. It can be electronically or even in a place like this. I just need one person to answer a few simple questions and to describe their qualifications that prove they are a reliable source for this information. I tried googling professors and then looking for their email but google was overloaded with articles about unusual introductions to quantum mechanics lectures and I thought this would be easier. I just need an interview as a source. I do not need much information so write as much or as little as you want. Thanks in advance for the help and here are the questions.

    1. How has quantum mechanics impacted the past?
    2. How is it impacting the present?
    3. How do you think it will impact the near(ish) future?
    4. Why does quantum mechanics matter? (pun intended)
    5. Why should the everyday person care about quantum mechanics?
    6. Is their any information involved in quantum mechanics that the everyday person should know?
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    Sorry, we do not allow interview threads at the PF. Thread is closed.
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