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Homework Help: Quantum Mechanics, one-dimensional box problem

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    What are the energy eigenfunctions and eigenvalues for the one-dimensional box problem describ above if the end of the box are at -a/2 and a/2

    I can find the solution of this problem Phi(x) = Asin kx + Bcos kx
    and property of wavefunction is continuous at boundary
    Phi(x=-a/2) = Phi(x=a/2)=0
    but i don't understand to find k (wave number), please help me
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    What is the problem "described above"?

    And do you perhaps mean Psi instead of Phi ?
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    Can you sketch your eigenfunctions?
    (I'm assuming you've done the box problem with ends x=0 to x=a. Hopefully you realize that the choice of origin shouldn't change the shape of the eigenfunctions.)
    See any pattern? any grouping of the eigenfunctions?
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    The periodicity conditions shouls give you the allowed "k" values from which you can get the energy spectrum.

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