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Quantum Mechanics postulate

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    Hi I am new here and also new to QM.

    I have encountered a problem about postulate 2 which is the superposition principle. Basically I understand the concept. However, when it comes to real question, I get stuck and can't proceed. Could anyone enlightens me how to get started with the problem below?

    A psi(x) = [psi(x)]^2

    Is A a linear operator? Is A a Hermitian?
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    Heh, I found the way to solve it already! :smile:
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    BTW: You should start using the notation [tex](A\psi )(x)[/tex] instead of [tex]A\,\psi(x)[/tex]. It will help you to understand better the mathematical operations involved.

    [tex](A\psi )(x)[/tex] reads: the value of the function [tex]A\psi[/tex] at the point x.

    Operators act on functions (as objects) and not on values of these functions (numbers).
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