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Quantum Mechanics Prereqs

  1. Sep 9, 2014 #1

    I'm taking an advanced QM class that uses shankar. I am having a hard time even doing the first couple problems dealing with vector spaces. I obviously seem to be missing something as I do not even know how to begin some of these problems. I have taken QM before using zettili and did not have much problems. Does anyone have any advice on a book or material I should quickly review before I get left behind in this course? The vector space material I've been looking at doesn't seem very applicable. I have all the prereqs for this course and usually do not perform this poorly.

    Thanks for your time
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    Simon Bridge

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    Wecome to PF;
    Shankar Principles of Quantum Mechanics is a year-1 post-grad text, this what you mean?
    Everyone has trouble at post-grad - most people find it something of a shock after undergrad work - and Shankar goes over the undergrad stuff in somewhat fine detail. The trick, more than ever before, is to make the maths into a language.

    Trouble with vector spaces suggests you need some practice either with mathematical approaches or just a review of undergrad linear algebra. Your college's undergrad maths texts should work there. However, it is difficult to advise you in detail since we cannot see what sort of trouble you are having.

    The best practice for 1st year post-grads is to work together - meet regularly in the same place to work over class notes and problems, and homework. This is much better than trying to work alone from a text and the exercize of explaining tricky things to each other deepens your understanding.

    Meantime - try posting some of the problems you have had trouble with in another thread.
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