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Quantum Mechanics Resources

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    Hi, I'm an incoming undergraduate freshman. Does anybody know of any good online quantum mechanics resources which generally cover the first year of quantum mechanics at an undergraduate level? My knowledge of physics is as follows:

    - Extensive classical mechanics (including some Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism)
    - E/M (at the level of Physics C... so that would include Maxwell's equations, etc.)
    - Very basic quantum mechanics (construction of Schroedinger's Equation, bra-ket notation, solutions to the infinite and finite square well potentials, basic operators... momentum [not angular, just linear], kinetic energy, potential energy)

    My knowledge of math is as follows:

    - Basic Linear algebra (at the level of a first year undergraduate course)
    - Single and Multivariable calculus (at the level of a first year undergraduate course)
    - Differential equations (at the level of a first year undergraduate course)

    I'm taking QM this upcoming Fall, so I was just wondering what I should be expecting... and I don't really want to buy a book yet, because I was just planning to use the book my university wishes us to buy (which they haven't released yet...). If I could learn a lot of QM over the summer, it would really help.
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    Have a look at our tutorial session.

    here are some links:
    http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/qm/lectures/lectures.html [Broken]

    Good luck and have a nice reading
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