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Quantum Mechanics spending

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    I am searching for a paper or any reference that contain data about how many dollars are spent in quantum mechanics researches in the last ten years.
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    What research have you done?
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    I would like to justify, in my dissertation, the importance of studying quantum mechanics with how much is spent today in this area in general. Can be in any area of knowledge.
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    I don't think that there is statistics on spending in QM specifically.

    There are budgets for support of various laboratories at which the work is related to QM - accelerators for example. However the work done with accelerators may be described as high energy physics or condensed matter physics depending on the energy levels.

    One might find some ideas - http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/rdexpenditures/
    But that includes a lot more than research in areas related to QM

    See also - http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=116997&org=NSF&from=news
    Also - look at NIST -
    http://www.nist.gov/physlab/div848/index.cfm [Broken]

    http://jila.colorado.edu/research/chemical-physics/quantum-mechanics-chemistry [Broken]

    One can search on "NIST quantum mechanics", or "NSF quantum mechanics", or substitute "physics" for "mechanics"

    Look in National Academies Press for books or articles on Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics
    Schrodinger's Rabbits:
    The Many Worlds of Quantum

    It would probably be better to look at new areas in the application of Quantum Physics that exist now, but weren't around 10 or more years ago.
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    I think spending on "quantum mechanics" specifically is a bit like spending on algebra or on punctuation. It's a bit vague.
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    it could also include nearly all the money spent on research in e.g the semiconductor industry etc.
    There are few areas of modern science that do not include some elements of QM.
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