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Quantum Quantum Mechanics Textbook,Zettili vs Shankar

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    Hello Everyone, I am an undergraduate physics student who planned to study quantum mechanics. I have been reading the introductory book by Griffiths, however I found that his book seldom uses Dirac Notation and there is little about mathematical formalism on quantum mechanics. Therefore I would like to get a supplementary book to enhance my understanding on quantum mechanics.

    I noticed that a number of students suggest the book by Zettili(Quantum mechanics concepts and applications),but on the other hand,Shankar's Book(Principles of quantum mechanics)is also popular。Therefore, I would like to ask which book would you prefer?Thank you!

    P.S. Anyway,I would definitely get a copy of J.J Sakurai Modern Quantum Mechanics which is listed as reference by Professors,my major concern is that would there be any significant amount of overlapping materials or topics between any of the books above with that of J.J Sakurai, Thank you!
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    I don't know the Zettili book, but Shankar is a good choice. If you want a book at the same level as Griffiths, there is McIntyre which uses a state-first approach, but is also low on the math.
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    Shankar is more advanced then Zettili. What's great, Zettili has plenty and plenty of worked problems. Shankar on the other hand made a lot of things clearer to me. Both use Dirac notation from the very beginning.
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    George Jones

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    I do not recommend Zettili as a primary source for learning quantum mechanics, but, because
    Zettili is an excellent secondary source.

    I, too, like McIntyre as a Dirac-approach alternative to Griffiths that is at about the same level as Griffiths.
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    Thanks for the advice,I will take a look at the book by McIntyre。

    It seems that Shankar's book is better at conceptual building than that of Zettili, well if this truly is the case, then I will loan the book from library rather than getting a copy of it, by the way, thanks for the advice.

    George Jones:
    Thanks for the advice. However, I would like to ask, in case it is a secondary source with plenty of exercise, is it worth to spend a few to get a second hand copy of it? Thank you!
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    Neither. You cannot do better than McIntyre at the UG level that uses Dirac Notation. It has plenty of good exercises as well.
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