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Quantum Mechanics

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    Does anyone know of any good websites with notes on quantum mechanics? or perhaps any books? One that can explain also the mathematics used in it please??
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    The one we had recommended when I did the quantum course last year was "Quantum mechanics" by Alastair I.M. Rae published by Taylor & Francis ISBN 1-58488-970-5. I had the fifth edition and it's pretty nice. It is quite direct but covers lots of information and goes through all the maths. A nice addition I thought was a couple of chapters at the end discussing the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. Good book and should cover all the QM you'll come across at undergrad level.

    Website notes don't tend to cover everything you need and you also have to search lots to find something comprehensive. I'd go for book if I was you!

    Good Luck
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    George Jones

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    What mathematics and physics have you studied previously?
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    Thank you very much for your help. I will look into it :)

    I've done Pure Mathematics Intermediate. I'm currently sitting for an undergraduate course in Bsc Physics and Computer Science - and I'm 2nd year.
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    Griffiths is a decent textbook, but for a rigorous treatment of quantum mechanics, you should check out Sakurai.
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