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Quantum Melody

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    I would be interested in knowledgeable comments on this work, and whether you find it amusing:
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    Your link doesn't work.
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    The link is correct, I'm trying to find out why it won't work for you.

    Meanwhile here is the text:
    Below subatomic, the particles/slip through Heisenberg’s uncertainty nets./ They cannot even be called articles;/they’re just mathematical epithets./Though we may say they have up or down spins/(we may even find them charming or strange),/like angels that dance on the heads of pins,/it takes metaphysics to find their range./They have no shape we can define, except/as bleary fields of energy. Until/we measure them, there’s no place where they’re kept;/their locus is totally vibratile./They pluck at space like an instrument string,/
    at this scale. Quark! The hadron angels sing!
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