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Quantum Metaphysics

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    An exciting part about living in the time we do, is that science and spirituality are truly starting to come together. Scientists such as Fred Alan Wolf are making comparisons. There is something called Aleph or spirit in religion, "something" which exists beyond space time and the creator of the material existence. He compares this to the vacuum, or void in modern physics, does that mean that the Vacuum in modern physics exists beyond space and time as well? Is this what some physicsts are studying?
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    If you read enough about stuff like this, you'll be surprised at what you can find. Saying something is "beyond space and time" is generally, from a scientific standpoint, considered a contradiction, as all that we study is bound in space and time. However, much of metaphysics tries to find connections between what we observe and what could lie outside of our universe. Unfortunately, much of this ends up becoming a lot of crackpot junk, though interesting nonetheless.

    As for your question, perhaps some meta physicists are studying things beyond space and time (whatever that may mean), but generally those physicists that work with science as opposed to philosophy, are much more concerned with how the universe operates, not with what may or may not lie beyond it.

    Interesting topic though.
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