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Quantum number question

  1. Oct 16, 2006 #1
    I have a chart and I have to say if any of the sets are not valid:

    Set 1: 6 4 -4
    Set 2: 1 0 -1
    Set 3: 4 1 1

    and my choices are:
    a) set 1 only
    b) set 2 only
    c) set 3 only
    d) all sets are valid
    e) no sets are valid

    I chose b, because it set 2 is not valid, and I know that a IS valid (so that woudl be the only choice).

    I am not positive if this is correct. but i think so? thank you.
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    I went over them with the table, and it looks like Set 2 is the only one that is not valid.
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