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Homework Help: Quantum numbers and orbitals

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    The question isn't exactly like this but this is the jist of it: Give the values of the quantum numbers associated witht he following orbitals: 2p, 3s, and 5d. I ,frankly, do not understand what they are asking for. So can anyone explain this for me. Thanks.
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    in 1s or 2p, the number is the principal quantum number, which is related to the radial distance the electron is most likely to be found, and the letter denotes the azimuthal or orbital angular quantum number.


    all this comes from the Schrödinger equation -



    http://chimge.unil.ch/En/lc/1LC9.htm [Broken]
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    Actually the sites you just gave me were the same ones that I already saw but I got frustrated so I didn't read the whole thing through. Thanks for the help though.
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