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Quantum of Consciousness

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    Have you heard of the ideas of Dr. Amit Goswami? His website is www.amitgoswami.org
    "Goswami is convinced, along with a number of others who subscribe to the same view, that the universe, in order to exist, requires a conscious sentient being to be aware of it. Without an observer, he claims, it only exists as a possibility. And as they say in the world of science, Goswami has done his math. Marshalling evidence from recent research in cognitive psychology, biology, parapsychology and quantum physics, and leaning heavily on the ancient mystical traditions of the world, Goswami is building a case for a new paradigm that he calls "monistic idealism," the view that consciousness, not matter, is the foundation of everything that is." Does anyone have a comment? Is this the new Physics?
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    Its an old idea, and a complete abuse of physics.
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    He was in the crackpot movie "What the Bleep". 'nuff said.
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