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Quantum optics texts

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    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good quantum optics book. I know Quantum at the liboff text level. I am not sure if the wolf and born texts are too advanced for me, since I do not have the book, and it has a reputation for intense mathematical rigor.

    I appreciate the recommendations.
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    The Mandel/Wolf indeed is the bible of quantum optics, but it is quite hard to digest and uses non-standard notation. Learning quantum optics from it is a bit like learning mechanics or standard qm from the Landau/Lifgarbagez.

    Other books include:
    Quantum Optics : An Introduction by Mark Fox. This is a low level book. Good to get into the topic, but not very deep. It aims at undergrads or people at the master's level, but is not really a text for the graduate level.

    Introductory Quantum Optics by Gerry and Knight. More advanced than the book of Fox, but not as deep as the Mandel/Wolf. I would suggest it for grad students in the first years.

    Quantum optics by Walls and Milburn. Pretty comprehensive book. However, one may need to reread it at different levels.

    Quantum Optics in Phase Space by Wolfgang Schleich. Offers a slightly different approach heavy on phase-space techniques. For future theory people with special interest in phase space techniques definitely worth a look.

    Quantum Optics: An Introduction (newer editions are just called quantum optics, if I remember correctly). Quite rigorous book at the grad or advanced level. It offers a good treatment of detector theory.
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    Born and Wolf wrote a book on 'classical' optics.
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