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Homework Help: Quantum Physics and photoelectrons

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    here are another questions,I need someone to help me!!!!
    (1)A metal work a work function of 2.40 eV is illuminated with a beam of monochromatic light.The stopping potential for the emmited electrons is 2.50 V.What is the wavelength of the light in nanometer?
    (2)What is the lowest frequency of light that can cause the release of electrons from a metal that has a work function of 2.80 eV?
    (3)Gold has a work function of 4.82 eV.If a block of gold is illuminated with ultraviolet light (wavelength=160nm), what are
    (a) the maximum kinetic energy (in electron volts) of emmited photoelectrons
    (b) the threshold frequency?

    please help me!!!!I need the answers by this monday,29th november :cry:
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