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Quantum Physics Journals

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    I believe that by accident I have developed a new atomic model that will replace the Bohr model. I am not a scientist or mathematician yet I want to try to present the model to the scientific community. What is the best way to do so? If it is through a journal please recommend journals that might be interested in publishing it.
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    You are a little late to the game to say the least :smile:. The Bohr model is already obsolete and it was replaced by quantum mechanics already in ca 1925.

    I recommend reading this:

    Quantum mechanics introduction:
    I will soon give you some more links to consider, hang on, please.
    (concerning journals, I have no recommendation at the moment)

    See also this thread: Valid reason to reject the Bohr model? and Failures of the Bohr Model (HyperPhysics).
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    OK. Let me try again. The quantum model today is based on the filling of the s,p,d, f shells presented by Bohr. The model has flaws at the 4s shell filling before the 3d shell. I have a model that will fill the shells without any overlapping of n levels.
    I hope somebody can help me and tell me which journals might be interested in publishing the new model.
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    You have some chances to publish it in the journal Physics Essays, but I have to worn you: Serious physicists will not take seriously a paper published there.
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    Just FYI, there is a problem with asking (and answering) questions like "Do you know where I should publish this new idea I have". And that problem is, you really should not be thinking about publishing anything at all, nor is there hardly any chance that your work is both correct and new, if you have not read through all contemporary published work. You need to know what everyone else in the field is working on NOW, not what they were doing 50 or 100 years ago. But... If you actually have read through all current work, then you would already know the current journals yourself, and wouldn't have to ask about it.

    Please, do yourself (and us) a favor and ask yourself whether this applies to you.

    P.S. in light of the crackpot index thread in the general forum we just started I find the first sentence in the OP hilarious.
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    That may in fact be what you believe, but the overwhelming probability is that you have misunderstood something, missed the point, have no understanding of the current state of science, made a fundamental mistake and don't even understand what science really is.

    So the best way forward I can recommend is to write an essay about your findings, post it somewhere online, preferably your own website. Be humble in your claims and lay out your thoughts as clearly as you can. And if after that real physicists tell you that you went wrong, believe it.


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    Thanks Demystifier for giving me the name of the journal Physics Essays. Could you or anyone else give me names of serious Physics journals that you read?
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