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Quantum redshift

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    I think the cosmological redshift, called the "Hubble" redshift which Edwin Hubble discovered and photographed, is caused by quantum decay in light and other electric field) waves, i.e. photoelectric radiation. When emitted, light from a particular elements electronic transitions are at the same energy no matter how distant. They are actually at fairly high energy when emitted, compared with most things in space, and their wavelengths are short. During long time in space (Many millions of years or more) the energy gradually fades in time, into wavetime, and the momentum (related to energy) gradually fades into distance, into wavelength. It works perfectly well in covariant space-time. It explains the redshift fairly accurately, and does not require any complicated "big bang" or "expanding universe" theories. Diffusion already exists in waves, in known propagation, as in a step function on an antenna.

    Check out the urls at

    http://groups.msn.com/HubbleRedShiftbyPhotonDecay [Broken]

    http://members.chello.nl/~n.benschop/indx-red.htm [Broken] (a mirror)

    I hope you can do something with them.

    Mike Lewis
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    how can the energy fade, there must be an equal amount of energy in the univers at any one time (including energy in matter and matter in black holes)

    if it fades, where does it go
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    The fading of energy that Mike mentions means: diffusion. In other words: its concentration reduces, and spreads over space; there is no loss of energy though.
    Also called here: "photon decay" ( see http://members.chello.nl/~n.benschop [Broken] )
    which is normal in any physical process, and happens exponentially, down to zero.
    If you like: due to "universal friction" everywhere (here: EM waves propagating in the ubiquitous ether. with a minute amount of decay per travelled distance). -- NB
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    But the red shift can more easily be exolained using the doplers effect.You theory might prove invalid because some space objects also show the blue shift.
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    the red shift can easily be explained using doplers effect.
    And how are you going to explain why some objects show blue shift using your theory.
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    Tired light is amusing. How does light 'age'? Only mass possessing entities have time based interactions.
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