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Quantum Relativity

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    Can I get some thoughts on this video that states the universe is "one" thing?
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    You won't find scientists talking about "wave-particle duality" in science. Such a claim shows the speaker uses popular descriptions as basis for his video, which makes the video pointless.

    The rest are unsourced claims without evidence backing it up, again using popular science articles.
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    I would say that this is a nicely packaged religious&transformatory message.

    the religious message is "quanta are the singularity interacting with itself". the "sciency" discourse starts with widely accepted familiar premises and builds gradually to this statement which is about 2/3 of the way thru as I recall. it could be 3/4 of the way thru, not sure. anyway that's a quote.
    so it starts with folklore platitudes about QM and GR and builds to an inspirational enlightenment (the singularity is one and timeless and All--all matter including Us is the singularity interacting with itself---the universe is quantum spacetime One-ness)

    the singularity has no before or after, therefore it still IS, and "quanta are the singularity interacting with itself" (this is fairly high level religious mysticism IMHO)
    then as soon as that message is delivered (say around 2/3 thru), the YouTube immediately launches into a kind of transformatory or revolutionary message, we don't have to take seriously what these artificial entities we call governments say, our life does not have to be the way it is, we can live and BE creatively, discover that tiny bit (that "millimeter") of free will within yourself.
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    As far as we know a "singularity" is a type of failure mode of a man-made mathematical theory, where the theory gives meaningless numbers and fails to apply to nature. IOW it is not something that Nature does.

    We have no reason to suppose that the cosmological singularity existed in reality, much research is going on around various ways of replacing the singularity, fixing the theory so it does not fail, there are various ways of doing this. So AFAIK one cannot say "there is no before" the start of expansion.

    We don't know that there was no before, there are fairly decent theories that go back earlier. and some hope of testing them. by comparing their predictions with what can be observed about the early universe.

    So the religious message of the YouTube is grounded in poetry, not based on actual empirical science. It sounds nice, and is inspiring. But it actually does not fit in the BtSM forum context.
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