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Quantum simple machines

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    My question is probably simple answer but google and everybody else i've asked didn't know. Because of friction there can be no ideal simple machines even with like a magnetic incline plane. But if you Quantum trapped a superconductor onto a track inside of a vacuum and just pulled on it would it be possible for that to be a ideal simple machine? Because there is no drag because it is in a vacuum, also there would be no sliding friction because it hovering above the track. Thanks
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    The system would have to be cooled. It also has thermal exchange with the environment, and thermal fluctuations.
    The system could have some source of oscillations (no track is perfect), transferred to the table and the floor.
    And even if you can remove all of those issues, the system emits gravitational waves. The timescale for those to get relevant is much longer than the lifetime of earth.
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    Thanks that helps a lot
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